Whether you need a single program for one group, or several programs for thousands of employees spanning multiple countries, we can design a specific leadership development program delivery system that is effective at achieving the results you need.  Some of our previous clients include:

  • Coke-Cola Enterprises
  • Greyhound Lines
  • JPMorgan Chase Bank
  • MillerCoors
  • Delta Air Lines
  • Level (3)
  • Safeco Insurance (subsidiary of Liberty Mutual)
  • AGL Resources (now Southern Company)
  • Crawford and Company
  • Cisco Systems
  • MPR Associates
  • United Guaranty (subsidiary of AIG)
  • Sierra Pacific Resources (now NV Energy)
  • Prudential Insurance


Clients speak:

 “I am not limited by anything. I am responsible for everything I see, touch and taste. I have people who are looking to me for leadership, expecting me to be a leader. I have the courage. I have the vision. Now I have the tools.” 

“Life is in session, this is not a dress rehearsal. That statement hit me like a ton of bricks. Each day is an opportunity for me to make a difference in someone’s life. I am creating my legacy at work and home.”

“My personal breakthrough was accountability. I will no longer play the blame game or be a victim. It is time to take back my company.” 

“Be an agent of change. Hold myself, and others, responsible and accountable. Inspire and motivate myself and my direct reports to perform and excel.”

“I now have a deeper understanding of my personal role and personal responsibility as a manager and leader. I understand the difference between a manager and leader. This was excellent and will help me in my personal and professional life.”

“I have continued to challenge the entitlement attitude that many of our employees have and get them recommit and to take ownership of their performance and realize that everyone has an impact on saving the company.”

“I learned that I do others, myself and my organization a disservice by being too nice to tell the truth. I am committed to now having the conversations that are tough in order to make positive changes.”

“To become more of a risk taker and voice my concerns when I feel something is non-value added to the company and my unit.”

“To build a culture of respect, with open minds. To promote a creative and innovative workplace.”

“Integrity and trust play a large roll in a team’s willingness to follow a leader. You have to walk the talk to help set the behaviors you want develop and grow for a productive workforce.”

“The leader development goal I have set for myself is to take risk and make a difference in my work unit. To focus on my ability to inspire others and be clear in my communications. As a leader I will be responsible to hold myself and my peers accountable.”