LINX Consulting helps organizations develop dynamic cultures comprised of actively engaged, mindfully inspired, and functionally equipped leaders capable achieving critical organizational results.

We partner with organizations to develop the human capacity for high-performance. Our methodology transforms leadership behavior by unleashing a resourceful mindset and focusing it with practical tools and techniques that specifically apply to your organization’s current goals and challenges.

Our work instills your people with the willingness and ability to consistently perform at the highest level. The result is a workforce capable of achieving outcomes once thought impossible.

Who do we serve?

We serve as partners to organizations who recognize the need to fill leadership and performance gaps. We provide the greatest value to organizations who:

  • Have leaders intent to make a fast and significant organizational behavioral impact.
  • Are facing significant changes driven by either external forces or internal shifts.
  • Have high aspirations for leadership and/or have performance potential not being fulfilled.
  • Have a cultural tolerance for the status quo and/or mediocrity that is resistant to change.
  • Are launching a new business unit or have critical initiative that simply cannot fail.
  • Are anticipating or dealing with trouble, serious threats and/or falling behind their industry.
  • Are dealing with integration issues before, during or after M&A activity.
  • Recognize the need to transform the culture and create commitment around a unified vision.