LINX Consulting addresses organizational leadership and performance by simultaneously effecting two different aspects of organizational culture: Mindset and Behavior. It’s when you have a contextualized and organizational-focused congruency between ‘what people think’ and ‘what people do’ that you get both individual and organizational performance improvements.

Mindset (or Inner Motivation): The LINX Consulting method works first at the foundational level to help participants recognize limiting beliefs and thought patterns that constrains performance. We help develop a more contextualized and leadership-minded underlying motive that influences thoughts and emotions, subconscious actions, and ultimately, conscious outward behaviors.

Behavior (or Conscious Action): The LINX Consulting method also works at the ‘top’ of one’s experience, which is comprised of externally visible actions. At this level, we deliver real-life tools and techniques that directly apply to impact, and effectively advance, current situations within the organization. Learning how to be performance-minded, critically solve problems, and take the appropriate actions will then influence one’s subconscious actions, thoughts and emotions, and ultimately, one’s mindset and inner experience.

It’s the integrated foundation-up and top-down learning methodology that delivers sustainable leadership behavior to consistently perform at the highest level. The result is a leadership- and performance-minded workforce capable of achieving business critical results.