This module-based, customizable leadership development program will range from two to five days, address specific organizational needs, and result in a leadership-minded organization. It engages minds, sparks passion, and sets leaders on a focused track to achieve critical goals.  In doing so, it…

  • Has leaders understand the domain of leadership, the context in which leaders think and act, and the mental and behavioral journey leaders find themselves on.
  • Creates and develops a self-awareness capacity to examine choices, attitudes and beliefs they currently operate under and experience.
  • Puts into perspective the underlying assumptions and interpretations driving those choices, attitudes and beliefs.
  • Opens the mind to new possibilities.
  • Instills a sense of profound personal responsibility.
  • Establishes leaders on their own focused leadership development journey.
  • Critically challenges leaders in their own leadership experiences, actions, and behaviors.
  • Offers practical skills and tools that are noticeably different, more effective and reliable.
  • Calls upon leaders to actively practice and gain real-time confidence in he application of these skills such that they have new resources available to them to tackle their challenges.
  • Empowers the leader to use visibly new perspectives and skills that lead to informed business decisions and results.

LINX to Leadership SM graduates return to their roles with:

  • An open-minded resource-rich leadership-focused state of mind.
  • A profound sense of personal responsibility and deep insights into what they can accomplish.
  • Access to a collection of repeatable, reliable tools and techniques designed to build and sustain the daily practice of real leadership.
  • A clear vision, defined objectives and a tactical action plan.
  • The ability to achieve dramatically elevated levels of performance under any and all circumstances.