LINX Consulting is an organizational leadership and performance consultancy. We help organizations develop dynamic cultures comprised of engaged leaders whose real performance achieves critical results.


How We Operate

LINX Consulting addresses organizational leadership and performance by simultaneously effecting two different aspects of organizational culture: Mindset and Behavior. It’s when you have a contextualized and organizational-focused congruency between ‘what people think’ and ‘what people do’ that you get both individual and organizational performance improvements.


What’s Your Challenge?

Clients partner with us because our work has been proven to be effective in these common business scenarios. Wherever you see a gap in leadership, performance or results – we can help you close it.


Performance Consulting


A LINX to Performance consulting engagement gives you a leadership and performance-minded partner to help your organization achieve its most critical initiatives. We provide an objective perspective to the business, and we deliver the needed guidance and tools for you to be successful in both the short- and long-term. Our consultants understand the complexity, obstacles and stress of business, and we align people with the organization’s vision, mission, and resources to achieve the needed outcomes.


Performance Assessment


The X-12 Leadership Assessment is designed to assess alignment at both the behavioral and values levels, so that individuals, teams and leaders can get desired changes in operating behavior that are needed in the development of a new working environment.  This tool is intended to have a transformative impact on the internal dynamics and the external performance of the business by accelerating the development of individuals, teams and leaders.




Leadership Programs


This is quite possibly the most innovative, comprehensive and customizable leadership development program available.  This module-based leadership development program will range from two to five days, address your specific organizational needs, and result in a leadership-minded organization. It engages minds, sparks passion, and sets leaders on a focused track to achieve critical goals.



Leadership Consulting

LINX Connect is designed to be a conduit for the immediate, efficient and cost-effective delivery of practical advice, thoughts, insights and strategies.  Further, Connect is designed to be accessible to individual clients and/or organizations of any size who would benefit from our assistance to produce consistent and reliable outcomes.  Our consultations will help you reframe, think-through, design, teach and/or manage causal processes for achieving needed business results.